This is a (some­times) anno­tated, selected bib­li­og­ra­phy for my entire phi­los­o­phy blog. It does not include every source ref­er­enced or cited, but only those for which I feel the need to list bib­li­o­graphic data, fea­ture, or com­ment on.

Bullinger, 1898. Figures of Speech Used in the Bible.

Grand Rapids, Michi­gan: Baker, 1968 reprint.

Clark, 1961. God and Evil: The Problem Solved.

Uni­coi, Ten­nessee: The Trin­ity Foundation.

While I was unable to locate this book on Ama­zon, it can be pur­chased from the publisher’s web­site here. It claims to com­pletely resolve the prob­lem of evil, though it unfor­tu­nately resorts to deter­min­is­tic Calvin­ism, arbi­trary Divine Com­mand The­ory, and a gen­eral spirit of “shut up and just accept it” to do so. It may present an inter­nally coher­ent phi­los­o­phy, but its sys­tem leaves out whole swaths of real­ity, intu­ition, and Bib­li­cal teach­ings. It also fails to inter­act with its strongest Bib­li­cal and philo­soph­i­cal rivals. An utter disappointment.

The Trin­ity Foun­da­tion is a Calvin­ist think tank and apolo­get­ics orga­ni­za­tion founded in 1977 and headed by John W. Robbins.

The foun­da­tion pub­lishes reprints of the writ­ings of Gor­don Clark as well as other books, lec­tures, essays, and a monthly newslet­ter. It also hosts con­fer­ences and seminars.

Gor­don Clark Theo­pe­dia Entry
Gor­don Clark Wikipedia Entry
Trin­ity Foun­da­tion Wikipedia Entry
Trin­ity Foun­da­tion Website
Trin­ity Foun­da­tion Lec­ture Series

Elwell & Comfort, 2001 “Tyndale Bible Dictionary”.

Tyn­dale Ref­er­ence Library (p. 581). Wheaton, Il.: Tyn­dale House Pub­lish­ers. Avail­able on Ama­zon.

Girardeau, 1984: Calvinism and Evangelical Arminianism.

Vir­ginia: Sprin­kle Pub­li­ca­tions. Avail­able on Ama­zon.

Girardeau com­pares Calvin­ism and Evan­gel­i­cal Armini­an­ism with respect to elec­tion, repro­ba­tion, jus­ti­fi­ca­tion, and related issues, and finds Evan­gel­i­cal Armini­an­ism want­ing. He goes about this by stat­ing and prov­ing each Calvin­ist doc­trine in man­ners creedal, Bib­li­cal, and philo­soph­i­cal, then defend­ing it against objec­tions. His pur­pose is to glo­rify God with his mind by cham­pi­oning His sov­er­eignty and rebut­ting false doc­trine. Being pre­sup­po­si­tional, this book strives mostly to demon­strate the coher­ence of Calvin­ism and less to ground it in beliefs that Calvin­ists and Armini­ans hold in com­mon. As such it will be received more ami­ably by those who already espouse Calvin­ism and are look­ing to research its creedal and Bib­li­cal support.

Grudem, 1994: Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine.

Grand Rapids, Michi­gan: Zon­der­van. Avail­able on Ama­zon.

Grudem’s Sys­tem­atic is a very clean, con­cise, and con­ve­nient ref­er­ence work on Chris­t­ian the­ol­ogy in gen­eral, and the Reformed tra­di­tion in par­tic­u­lar. Each entry includes ref­er­ences to hymns, scrip­tures, and even notes on where to find entries on the same doc­trine in vir­tu­ally every other Chris­t­ian tra­di­tion. While no philoso­pher, Gru­dem proves a decently clear, acces­si­ble, and coher­ent thinker through­out. Linked resource is not nec­es­sar­ily the same edi­tion as what’s cited on this blog.

Merriam-​​Webster, 2003: Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

(Eleventh ed.). Spring­field, Mass.: Mer­riam Web­ster, Inc. Avail­able on Ama­zon.

Paschall & Hobbs, 1972: The Teacher’s Bible Commentary.

A con­cise, thor­ough inter­pre­ta­tion of the entire Bible designed espe­cially for Sun­day School teach­ers.”. Nashville: Broad­man and Hol­man Pub­lish­ers. Avail­able on Ama­zon.

Strong, 1996: The Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible.

Show­ing every word of the text of the com­mon Eng­lish ver­sion of the canon­i­cal books, and every occur­rence of each word in reg­u­lar order.” (elec­tronic ed.). Ontario: Wood­side Bible Fel­low­ship. Avail­able on Ama­zon.

Linked resource is not nec­es­sar­ily the same edi­tion as what’s cited on this blog.

Warfield, 1909. “Predestination”.

A Dic­tio­nary of the Bible (Vol,. 4, pp. 47–63). New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons.

A repro­duc­tion of this entry is avail­able online here, from the Octo­ber 13th, 2007 index­ing per­formed by the Inter­net Archive.

Craig & Moreland, 2009: The Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology.

United King­dom: Wiley-​​Blackwell. Avail­able on Ama­zon.

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